We will be upgrading hosting accounts for linkuptechnology on Saturday, the 9th of April.

If you have a support agreement with us we will make any changes that may be necessasary for you. Please contact us if you require help for mail client connections that may not be working either on the support tel or by email to support@linkuptechnology.co.uk

For those of you without a support agreement while the process of upgrading will proceed seamlessly you may need to make minor adjustments to your email and FTP software after this date.

You may therefore need to ensure your email/FTP client's settings are updated to use secured connections. Within most email clients this change simply involves ticking a "Use SSL" (or similar) box for both incoming and outgoing mailserver settings. Within FTP clients, insecure FTP connections can be replaced with either FTPS or SFTP.

Additionally, while the use of mail.yourdomain.com (using your own domain) as the mailserver address within your mail client will continue to function, you will receive a security warning when using this address. (This will not work with exchange or similar servers and the changes below must be made)

In order to connect seamlessly, once your service has been upgraded (ie on/after Saturday 9th of April) please update the mailserver address used for both incoming and outgoing mail to:


Following the upgrade any domains using our DNS nameservers but which are not registered through us should also be updated (this does not need to be updated immediately in order for your domain to continue functioning and can be done whenever convenient in the days following your service’s migration) to:


If your domain is using our DNS and is registered through us (you pay us for your domain renewals) no action is needed, as we will take care of updating this for you.

If your domain directs to your hosting service with us but does not use our DNS it will also be necessary to manually make a minor change to how this directs, this only affects a very small number of users however and if affected you will receive a separate notification from us shortly.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding this please do let us know in reply to this message or via our support desk at support@linkuptechnology.co.uk


In Summary the changes needed (on/after Saturday 9th of April):


·         Ensure your mail/FTP clients are configured to use SSL encrypted connections

·         Change the incoming and outgoing mailserver within email clients, and the FTP hostname within FTP clients, to ceres.uksrv.co.uk

·         Update DNS nameservers for your domains registered elsewhere to ns1.uksrv.co.uk & ns2.uksrv.co.uk


If you are not a suport agreement customer further email client setup details are available in the email section of your host control panel.


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