Desk Phone Systems - Low Cost and Flexible.

Many traditional phone systems are now outdated and costly to repair and replace. Our phones are economical to install, low cost to run, easy to support and extend, and are fully featured business systems.

• Call charges lower than standard BT rates
• Each phone is not tied to a location but can be plugged in and accessed wherever there is a network point
• Staff can work offsite without additional call forwarding costs
• Itemised bills
• No costly ISDN lines or extra multiple phone lines to pay for
• No initial large investment or complicated installation
• Fully featured systems with dd numbers, call transfers, extension numbers, system menues, call tracking, messaging, etc. at no extra cost
• You can have a single source of support for telephones and data network
• Our system support costs and other associated costs - such as additional handsets - are much cheaper than other large telephone system suppliers.


Mobile Phones

We are at the forefront of modern telephony. We offer outstanding value on mobile phone contracts and handsets. Call us with your requirements or recent quotation.


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